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Beautiful pictures as thousands of Thai monks put on incredible visual display for sacred full moon festival

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These beautiful images show thousands of Thai Buddhist monks gathering to carry lanterns and venerate a statue of Buddha to mark one of the holiest days of the religious calender.

Makha Bucha commemorates the full moon day which falls on the third lunar month of the year.

Though sources differ slightly, it is generally believed the festival originates from the first sermon given by Lord Buddha, nine months after his Enlightenment, when 1,250 monk disciples appeared spontaneously to hear him speak.

‘Makha’ is the Thai word for the third lunar month while ‘Bucha’ means to honour or venerate.

The festival is one of the most important public holidays in the Thai calender and police have banned the selling of alcohol for 24 hours as a mark of respect.

To celebrate the full moon anniversary, Buddhists have been visiting temples to hear sermons and perform good deeds.

The most spectacular event though, is the candlelit procession where Buddhists and monks carry a lighted candle, flowers and an incense stick in a clockwise direction around temples.

These items represent the Three Jewels of Buddhism: the Buddha, his teachings and the monkhood.

Source:Daily Mail
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