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Porsche Mission E Gets RS Treatment in Wild Rendering

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We’ve been drooling over the Porsche Mission E Concept ever since the vehicle made its silent debut on the Frankfurt floor yesterday, and we can’t help but imagine what would happen if the four-door 911 would enter production.

Well, for one thing, family people (that’s the age when you can afford a Neunelfer, right?) would be able to take their children with them without squeezing them into those microscopic rear seats.

And don’t imagine any of the thoroughbred Porsche driving feeling would be lost. Just think about the Mission E entering Porsche’s thousand-versions-and-editions matrix. Among others, we could end up with an RS version.

We hope to still have our internal combustion contraptions around by the time we grow old, but we can’t hide from the future.

The rendering above shows us how the GT division’s first EV would look like. If you think about it, the image, which comes from pixel master Jonsibal, could make for an accurate transformation. A gaping wheel arch here, a massive wing there, and you’ve got a scheme pretty similar to the one differentiating a 911 Carrera S from a GT3 RS.

Then again, such a transformation would have to be all about the bits underneath the surface. Just like Tesla introduced a hardware upgrade for their P90D and their Ludicrous mode, Porsche engineers could up the ante on the tech front.

Sure, shaving weight off such a machine would be nearly impossible, but the sheer reason for which Zuffenhausen exists is to exploit that “nearly” zone of the industry.

We know this story sounds like it’s been written on the wrong pills, but when Porsche itself talks about taking the Mission E to the track and fast-charging it for another session, the electric future seems to be closer that one might think.

PS: many have rushed to point out the 600 hp of the Mission E are no match for the 692 electric ponies of the P90D. Sure, comparing a concept car to a production vehicle doesn’t make too much sense, but we have a feeling the wheel horsepower and the power-to-weight cards would allow the Porsche to take the win. After all, you can’t take on a company who was building EVs back in 1900.

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